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Synchronous Control System

V5-A02 system take the lead in applying high speed network technology-kilo mega Ethernet into the LED screen transmission field, can control 1024*768pixels by one CAT 5e LAN cable ,and the transmission.

Distance can reach 100meters without relay ;the V5-A02L system take the high speed network technology --optical fiber applied into the LED screen transmission field , can control 1024*768pixels by one optical fiber with two cores ,and multimode transmission distance is 500M ,single mode transmission distance is 15000M.
His system communicated with computer by RS232 agreement serial port , generally

supporting Windows system ,having setup system parameter function by LED management software ,and each parameter have protect-itself function when cut off power suddenly , and they will resume the previous state again if provided power again

V5-A02 (or V5-A02L )LED screen system consist of frame controller ,screen controller ,CAT 5e LAN cable ( or optical fiber )etc ,and the conversion between two systems is very flexible , only need to change the jumper on the frame controller and screen controller is ok .

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