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 Assembly And Installation

Modern technical outfit enables to install LED screens almost in any place convenient for user, at any angle and height. Usually for screen installation it is used a special construct of metalware. The LED screen is fixed on this construct by means of winches or special spansets, and it is also fixed on each side, it is used generally for short-term street installation.

For installation on the sports stadiums, concert floors and at other great events, where the LED screen can hang very high, it can be used special chain winches; such screen can be securely installed at any distance from the ground.

The real adornment of the stadium is a sports panel, which enables supply of any sports events. The sports LED panel is equipped with diode brightness balancing system and panel light intensity adaptation system.

For long-term installation, for example as a street advertisement vehicle, the loads on place of installation should be calculated in advance, and other calculations (ground, foundation, energy source distance, wind rose etc.) should be made depending on place of installation. The calculations are made by skilled technicians, whereat it is laid down project specification and it is chosen the optimal LED screen installation variant. Correctly made project specification reduces the risk and expenses at the installation, as many factors for design engineers and constructors are considered in the project specification.

Depending on place and height of the screen installation it is figured the LED matrix of the screen. All the LED screens have different specification and information readout distance. This parameter is very important, because potential buyers won't be able to see, what is being offered, because of screen granularity

 Professional Training for LED Operation                                     

OrientLED Training Solutions provides the most comprehensive instruction on LED screen products, services and technologies. For technical professionals, we offer multiple learning opportunities. We know that LED industry face greater challenges as new products and technologies roll out across organizations. But we¨re here to make your experience with OrientLED seamless. All new classroom training maximizes your time and learning, and read ahead to see how we can bring the classroom to you.

To help you prepare for our live courses we offer free web based training. From the convenience of work or home take these technical offerings online anytime you wish. These classes will give you greater knowledge of important technologies OrientLED has to offer. As you complete these courses, we invite you to consider joining us for more in-depth hands on training delivered by the experts on our team.


  • Orientled provides free training of LED system operation and maintenance. Our purpose is to make clients be able to operate LED system and find solutions to some simple technical problems. We can train 2-3 people for our clients.

  • Basic Training
    Three days' workshop training of some basic skills of LED Screen System  
      ☆  PC Basic Knowledge  
      ☆  Windows Operation System  
      ☆  LED Screen Working Principle  
      ☆  General System Problems  
      ☆  System Daily Maintenance & Safety.

  • Site Training
    Three days' onsite training on purpose to get the Clients to know how to operate the LED screen system, how to deal with general problems. And how to install hardware and software:
      ☆  Software Installation
      ☆  LED Screen Daily Maintenance
      ☆  Software Problem Treatment
      ☆  Hardware Problem Treatment




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